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Cloud Engineering

We provide excellent cloud solutions that help a business grow exponentially. With the latest cloud technologies, we develop high-performance applications that are flexible and scalable. We help our clients in excellent digital transformation taking immense care of client satisfaction.

Cloud solutions provide flexible, scalable and highly efficient infrastructure

Move to the Cloud for better growth. We are cloud solution provider offering cloud development, cloud re-engineering, cloud consulting, and cloud governance to reinvent the way organizations work. We work with the best cloud solution providers such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google to migrate data, develop cloud applications, modernize services and manage infrastructure.

Cloud Engineering

Harness the power of cloud Engineering for faster, smarter, and lighter technology infrastructure


Cloud Consulting 

We deliver cutting-edge Cloud computing consulting services to boost your organization’s productivity.


Cloud Native Development 

We build cloud applications that are highly scalable, flexible and are super budget-friendly. 


Cloud Migration

Best environment for your cloud application with exemplary factors like cost, performance, and security for migration. 


Cloud Security & Compliance 

Mitigate multi-cloud risks, meet regulatory compliance needs and enable quick threat detection.  


DevOps Engineers

Our DevOps engineers incorporate best-in-class agile methods and practices. It involves increased automation and improved collaboration between development and operation teams. They are responsible to code, building and maintaining platforms and reinforcing applications, by exhibiting agile and dynamic software support capabilities.


Cloud Developers

Our team of cloud developers develops cloud solutions for virtual and global cloud networks. With advanced knowledge of cloud systems, they can operate and deploy applications securely & efficiently. They are also responsible for implementing and maintaining companies’ existing cloud infrastructures.


Cloud Architects

Our cloud architects work with clients to perceive their needs and to implement cloud strategies. They are capable of designing the cloud environment and infrastructure from a holistic point of view and ensuring that it meets all of the requirements.


Cloud Security Engineers

Our team of cloud security engineers maintains and continuously improves cloud networks and core infrastructure. They perform threat simulations to identify and detect possible risks. The team can monitor, and respond to detected incidents in the cloud environments and provide a secure application.

How can we help you?
We accelerate innovation with cloud solutions. Our core focus in building cloud solutions is to provide better resilience, security, and agility to your business. We offer cloud development, cloud re-engineering, cloud consulting, and cloud governance to capture the true value of the cloud for your business.

Here, we have certified cloud engineers who keep up with current technology trends to deliver core business solutions. We help in redesigning and building new cloud-first capabilities to offer seamless experience in public, private and hybrid cloud, across PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS landscapes.

We are working with top cloud service providers; AWS, Azure, and Google to strengthen your organization’s ecosystem with the best cloud solution.
Yes, we work for new ideas and new entrepreneurs. With our cloud services, start-ups can avoid high hosting costs, labour costs, equipment, and licensing expenditures. With our cloud solutions, we help them increase operational efficiencies and drive business agility and growth rapidly.

We get a clear picture of the application architecture & business objectives. We create a detailed migration strategy with all required resource provisioning and how to bring the existing data from on-premise to cloud services.

Our team isolates existing components to know about the dependency and migration complexity. After this, we re-architect the app based on the cloud environment. We identify the risks and have a data recovery or failover mechanism to mitigate risks and production downtime.
We create a smaller version of the production environment for testing and then scale it to production.

Cloud Selection and Planning
We choose the right cloud partner based on business requirements. After opting for the partner, we plan the application as a collection of cloud components and decouple data into microservices.

Infra Setup
In this phase, we design the infrastructure with data redundancy and failover mechanisms. Our team ensures that there is always a way to make up for performance and scaling on demand. This phase also includes data encryption, and security is given a higher priority.

Adopt the right DevOps Strategy
We automate deployment to accelerate application delivery using CI/CD tools. We use containerization and configuration management tools in this phase for improved productivity.

If you are in search of a cloud solution provider, then you can connect with us. Please share your project summary at sales@fibonalabs.com. Our team would connect with you within 24 hours to understand your requirements. In our first call, we will ask you questions related to your projects, goals, audience, budget, etc. After that, we would request your project-related documents, and brief.

After we receive all the information, we will email you the proposal and schedule a meeting to walk you through it. The proposal will include our team members, strategy, timeline, and process that we are going to follow for your project.
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