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Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions can accelerate the digital pace of your business. We build cloud-based solutions to strengthen an organization’s ecosystem.

Harness the power of cloud migration for faster,
smarter, and lighter technology infrastructure
Harness the power of cloud migration for faster, smarter, and lighter technology infrastructure

Move to the Cloud for better growth. We offer cloud solutions such as cloud development, cloud re-engineering, cloud consulting, and cloud governance to reinvent the way organizations work. We work with the best cloud solution providers such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google to migrate data, develop cloud applications, modernize services and manage infrastructure.



Our end-to-end cloud consulting services provide better resilience, security, and compliance to your business. From mapping needs to strategizing cloud adaption, and managing workloads to optimizing costs, our cloud consultants help you to accelerate the innovation pace by leveraging cloud solutions. We are here to support all the decisions across the business, technology, security, operations, and finance by addressing your business objectives with suitable cloud solutions.


Cloud Development
and Implementation

We are capable of developing cloud-based digital solutions with serverless architecture approach. We offer cloud native development leveraging micro-services and containers to build secure and scalable solutions. With the help of cloud service providers (such as AWS MS Azure and GCP), we are able to automate large parts of the deployment and development pipeline using DevOps and CI/CD without compromising security or quality.


We help organizations to scale up their businesses, optimize cost and improve performance by re-engineering legacy architecture to future-ready cloud-native architecture. Using cloud-native techniques such as microservices, containers and decoupling, we re-engineer the existing application and provide a better user experience. Our cloud re-engineering services allow businesses to scale, optimize performance and secured cloud applications.


Cloud Governance

Cybersecurity is the primary need of any business. We offer you a safe and secure foundation to scale and support your business. Our cloud governance services prevent unauthorized access, data breaches and also provide early detection of threats. We embed security at every stage of the business lifecycle to maximize enterprise visibility and minimize risk. We detect and respond to cyber attacks so that you can scale your cyber program and secure the future.


DevOps Engineers

Our DevOps engineers incorporate best-in-class agile methods and practices. It involves increased automation and improved collaboration between development and operation teams. They are responsible to code, build and maintain platforms and reinforce applications, by exhibiting agile and dynamic software support capabilities.


Cloud Developers

Our team of cloud developers develops cloud solutions for virtual and global cloud networks. With the advanced knowledge of cloud systems, they are able to operate and deploy applications securely & efficiently. They are also responsible for implementing and maintaining companies’ existing cloud infrastructures.


Cloud Architects

Our cloud architects work with clients to perceive their needs and to implement cloud strategies. They are capable of designing the cloud environment and infrastructure from a holistic point of view and ensure that it meets all of the requirements.


Cloud Security Engineers

Our team of cloud security engineers maintains and continuously improve cloud networks and core infrastructure. They perform threat simulations to identify and detect possible risks. The team is able to monitor, and respond to detected incidents in the cloud environments and provide a secure application.

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