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Validate Ideas and Envision Goals with Product Design Sprint

Through this process, we can define a roadmap, identify challenges, and explore possible solutions.

Identify real issues and generate ideas to resolve them

A product design sprint process comprises a user-centric approach that helps in problem-solving by promoting innovation. This can generate a lot of ideas to help create a competitive advantage. It helps in getting the answers to important questions related to design, prototyping, testing, strategizing, innovations, and so much more.

The product design sprint is a process where our team along with the stakeholders sit together to channel the end goals.

Why Choose Fibonalabs for Design Sprint?

Collective endeavour

Through one-on-one and customized workshops, we rally our team around your business challenge and vision. This helps in bringing together the team effort.


Goal setting

We use efficient problem analysis techniques to understand the areas of market opportunity and define the most critical issues to be solved.


Quick solution

With this rapid prototyping method, gain quick insights about what your users need and get instant solutions to the problems identified with less effort.

Case Studies

We empower clients with unique
design & development services

We empower clients with
unique design & development services

Fibonalabs helped a Gold Loan Fintech Company create a seamless user experience across digital platforms.
Fibonalabs engineered a digital platform to empower the Financial Advisory Ecosystem.
Words from clients
"If you have a concept in mind and would like to explore it further, I would highly recommend that you touch base with Fibonalabs."
We, the Fintso founding team, did this three day design thinking workshop with Fibonalabs team right at the beginning of our journey, and at the end of those three days, we had a much better understanding of what we were trying to build and what our customers really wanted us to build. The workshop was a great collaborative thinking experience that set the path for the first six months of our brand and business journey.
Tanay Chourasia
Core Member atFintso
5-Day Design Sprint
Our five-day product design sprint process is an exciting and fulfilling experience that benefits us in various ways. From validating ideas and envisioning goals to crafting a solid design vision, it helps us to create a revolutionary UX design strategy. This exercise also plays a significant role in deciding on certain things within stipulated timelines.
Day 1

The first day starts with lightning talks to understand the business perspective from the stakeholders. We perform the ‘How Might We’ activity to discover potential solutions and related risks. On this day, we define personas, their needs, and behaviours, through which we can define our goal.

Day 2

The second day starts with a review of the user journey, goals, and ‘How Might We’ so that we can come up with innovative ideas. We perform the Crazy 8 activity where each member sketches 8 different solutions for the stated problems.

Day 3

The third day is the selection day where the best feasible solution is selected. This day we decide from the pool of solutions which one can help us achieve our goal. By the end of the day, we prepare storyboards by doing micro-level planning.

Day 4

The fourth day is when we convert the chosen solution into a prototype to test it with customers. Here we focus on the customer-facing aspects of the product, review the prototype, and prepare the questions needed to be asked to the customers.

Day 5

On the final day of the sprint, we interview the customers and take their feedback on the functioning of the prototype created. At the end of the design sprint, we have a clear roadmap to build a solution.

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