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Digital Product Development

We empower businesses with a resilient agile software development process.

Experience Process Oriented and Fast
Development of Digital Products
Experience Process Oriented and Fast Development of Digital Products

We unlock the value of your idea by building a digital product with deep knowledge of leading-edge technologies. We build high-quality digital products using an agile software development process to optimize time and take quick actions on the client's requirements.


Agile Scrum Development

We offer you the iterative development process with the scrum framework so that we can rapidly change and improve the digital products to meet your business goals. Whether you are seeking for minimum viable products or need a complete product life cycle, the agile scrum process can benefit in increasing productivity and quality of deliverables.


Web Development

An intuitive web interface and scalable backend solutions will help you to adapt to users’ needs and expectations. We develop intuitive user interfaces using the latest tools and technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (React Angular & Vue) that are easy to maintain and update with time. To reduce time to market, better performance & product scalability for real time data applications, we thrive on backend technologies such as NodeJS, Python, Java (Spring Boot), C sharp etc.


Mobile App Development

Accelerate your business with smart mobile applications. We offer a mobile development service that helps you to scale and adapt according to market requirements. We architect native IOS and android applications based on Java & Swift and cross-platform mobile solutions are built on React Native, Flutter & Ionic. We merge empathetic designs and user-friendly interfaces according to the user's needs in the mobile applications.


Frontend Developers

Our frontend developers responsibly develop functional, appealing, and interactive web and mobile applications. Working on the latest JavaScript frameworks like React, Vue.js, and Angular, our developers create usable and optimized applications.


Backend Developers

With the deep knowledge of programming languages like Node JS, Python, Java (Spring Boot), C sharp etc. our backend developers build web and mobile applications for better end-user experience


Native and Hybrid Mobile Developers

Our native and hybrid mobile specialists have vast practice and profound knowledge to build secure and user-friendly Android and IOS applications.


Scrum Master

From daily scrums, sprint planning to retrospective meetings, our scrum masters plan creative and efficient ways for the development team to achieve sprint and product goals. Our masters act as a shield for a team to bring out an easy and productive digital product development process.

How can we help you?
Being a digital product development company, we focus on providing robust and fast development of mobile apps for iOS and Android, web applications, and enterprise software. We follow an agile product development process that helps teams to respond effectively to the changes and build a user-centric digital product.

Keeping user experience at the centre of product development makes us different from any other product development company. Our developers closely work with designers and stakeholders to provide the best user experience. We drive innovation and turn possibilities into impactful realities through the technology force.

Yes, we assist start-ups to set up a strong foundation and deliver vital digital outcomes. We help to convert their ideas into market-ready products. With the agile development process, we build digital products and execute their end-to-end implementation at high speed and optimal cost. From initial design to implementation and fast release of the product, we have got your back.

Yes sure, we ensure enterprises gain more opportunities, better agility, and security with transformed digital products. Our software modernization empowers enterprises to gain unprecedented levels of performance and customer delight.

We offer rearchitecting, rebuilding, or replacing options to modernize your legacy system. We provide transformation with the latest technology, architecture, functionality, at low risk and cost-effective prices.
Defining Architecture
Our team works on the architecture of an application to give a roadmap and the best practices to follow in order to build a quality product. Here, we define how the components and elements interact with each other. We select the most appropriate technology, frameworks, and database for the application.

According to the requirement, we work on Modern application architectures that are loosely coupled, using microservices and application programming interfaces (APIs) to connect services. It helps us to rebuild and deploy each component independently. It helps us to deliver quality applications faster.
Frontend Development
We convert design prototypes and mock-ups into functional design using the latest technologies such as HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React.js, Vue.js, Angular.js, Typescript. We optimize an application for maximum speed and scalability. We make sure that the application works in different browsers (cross-browser), different operating systems (cross-platform), and various devices (cross-device).

Backend Development
At the time of back-end development, our developers write code to interact with a database, create libraries, prepare and deploy APIs. To provide a reliable end-user experience, we use the latest programming languages like Nodejs, Python, Java, etc.

We perform alpha and beta testing to see how the product performs. At the time of front-end and back-end development, our test engineers prepare test cases. Once the development is completed, they start executing the manual and automated testing for the new and existing features. We use Selenium and Appium tools for quality testing.

During this, testers find some bugs, which will be communicated to the developer using JIRA. The development team fixes the bug and passes it to the test team for re-testing. This cycle continues until the product is stable, provides quality, and works as per the business requirements.
Automated Deployment
To streamline DevOps workflow, fast delivery, and better agility, we use containerization. With CI/CD practices we build and deploy code to a production environment. Thus, it’s easier to make more frequent changes and reliable updates to the application.

Support and Maintenance
The product development process doesn’t end with the release. Once the product hits the market, we collect financial data, customer satisfaction data, and other critical data. We compile data that assists us to improve it.

If you are in search of a digital product development company, then you can connect with us. Please share your project summary at sales@fibonalabs.com. Our team would connect with you within 24hours to understand your requirements. In our first call, we will ask you questions related to your projects, goals, audience, budget, etc. After that, we would request your project-related documents, and brief.

After we receive all the information, we will email you the proposal and schedule a meeting to walk you through it. The proposal will include our team members, strategy, timeline, and process that we are going to follow for your project.
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