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Smooth Cross-Platform Apps with Flutter App Development

An open-source software development kit, Flutter helps in building high-quality native apps.

The Desirability of Flutter

With the ease of creating quick and easy mobile applications, Flutter takes away the heavy lifting of creating separate codes for android and iOS. With one codebase, developers can build smoothly working mobile apps for both the aforesaid platforms.

Flutter is the top choice for most developers due to its property of developing cross-platform apps with ease along with maintaining visual consistency on all platforms.

Why choose Fibonalabs for Flutter?

Shared codebase

With its unique feature of UI code sharing, Flutter allows developers to easily share the codebase between targeted platforms.


Less time taking

With its several features like, ‘hot reload’, Flutter decreases the app development time significantly promoting development speed in turn.


Excellent app performance

With Flutter even features like animation doesn’t hinder the app’s performance thus giving the best user experience.

Case Studies

We empower clients with unique
design & development services

We empower clients with
unique design & development services

Fibonalabs helped a Gold Loan Fintech Company create a seamless user experience across digital platforms.
Fibonalabs engineered a digital platform to empower the Financial Advisory Ecosystem.
Words from clients
"If you have a concept in mind and would like to explore it further, I would highly recommend that you touch base with Fibonalabs."
We, the Fintso founding team, did this three day design thinking workshop with Fibonalabs team right at the beginning of our journey, and at the end of those three days, we had a much better understanding of what we were trying to build and what our customers really wanted us to build. The workshop was a great collaborative thinking experience that set the path for the first six months of our brand and business journey.
Tanay Chourasia
Core Member atFintso
Why Flutter?
At Fibonalabs, we have worked on various types of projects that involved Flutter app development. Our developers always enjoy experimenting with the wide range of tools that come with Flutter. Having its SDK is another reason why most of our clients opt for Flutter. It gives them the freedom to easily switch between android and iOS, thus expanding the range of their target audience.
Its customizable widgets come in handy while creating extraordinary visuals for any app. Including the aforementioned benefits, there are so many other reasons that we use Flutter at Fibonalabs and it is an absolute delight for our developers.
Easy Customization
Even with all the complexities involved in the UI, it is easily customizable with Flutter.
Rendering Engine
With its rendering engine, Flutter has the freedom to get virtually launched on all platforms.
Ready-to-use Plugins
With several ready-to-use plugin supports like gathering sensor data, communicating via Bluetooth is easier with Flutter.

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