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Fibonalabs helped India’s first digital marketplace, Blackbuck for trucks with digital transformation services to track and manage their logistic system.


Project Overview
The company wanted to give shape to the Indian logistics market by its organized and digitally evolved logistics services. On the verge of expansion, they wanted to streamline their records and truck journeys with a systematic digital system.
The challenge for us
Fragmented and Unorganized Logistic Sector
Digitally Challenged Stakeholders
Real-Time Data from the ecosystem
In India, the logistic industry is one of the scattered markets; tracking journeys and optimizing the records manually is difficult. Traditionally managing records of the complete system was not possible through spreadsheets. The industry lacked a scalable platform to manage and store information. They needed an efficient and transparent digitally equipped system to track, manage, and optimize resources. They asked Fibonalabs to improve the agility and scalability of the company with a robust and digital logistic system.
Our approach
We have designed and developed robust web and mobile application with the help of a 4 D (Discover, Define, Design, and Develop) process.
Discover .
User Interviews, Stakeholder Interviews, Competitors Analysis
Define .
Persona, Use Case & User Journey
Design .
Wireframes, Visual Design
Develop .
UI Development & Testing
Our design team discovered the requirements of the product by interviewing stakeholders and users to get deep knowledge about the transportation system. Discovering industry and competitors gave us an idea about the struggle to extract & manage the details of trucks and drivers as well as understand the digital transformation services required in this project.
We were able to define the goal for the product and its persona; the truck drivers who are not tech-savvy, warehouse managers, and delivery managers. After defining personas, we worked on defining a user journey map to illustrate the convenient user flow for them through the digital platform.
Our experts ensured that the users will get a clear vision about the timely shipments of goods, also, the delivery managers can optimize data for future deliveries.
We created wireframes for the trucker's mobile application and web application. It helped stakeholders to know the functionalities of the mobile and web applications. We converted these wireframes into visual screens. Here, we used colors and icons that made the UI interesting and easy to understand for truckers and shippers.
We developed UIs based on the visual designs. We tested the UIs and ensured that those gave a smooth and transparent interaction between various assets of the company.
Technology Stack
We worked in sprints to address the specific needs and update the applications according to the stakeholders. We used scrum agile framework for fast delivery of the applications.
We used React JS library to develop interactive UIs for the digital system. It helped us to develop new features without rewriting existing code. ReactJS allowed us to design simple views for each state in the application.
To provide better visibility of data & reports and streamline the accounts and information, we created intelligent business dashboards.
Visual design
Value Delivered
With a technology-driven system, blackbuck has been able to scale this product successfully to different stakeholders and multiple locations. The transparent and robust system allows them to channelize their passion and work in the right direction with optimized processes and stay ahead in the logistic industry.

The application allowed truckers efficient route planning, optimizing time and reduced fuel expenses of the fleet.

Shippers were able to manage all the shipments on a smart and convenient platform.

With our digital transformation services an organized Fleet Management application and platform delivered reliability, efficiency, and seamless experience for shippers and truckers.

Trucks on platform
(including Unilever, Nestle, Coca-Cola, Tata Steel)
Fleet Owners
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